The Lost City of Barakus

Doors. Lots and lots of Doors.


Albrish and Sue are the first through the door followed by the rest of the party. They see a corridor with two doors on either side before the corridor turns to the right. They decide to check further down the corridor before checking out the doors, but the four greater shadows coming through the doors don’t let them get that far before attacking them. The party makes quick work of the greater shadows then peek around the corner; more doors along the corridor. Once they know what’s around them they investigate the doors. All but one leads to small cells. The seventh door opens into a larger room where they find some keys and a chest. One of the keys opens the chest where they find a whip. They also find a secret bottom on the chest where there is another tile. Could it be the third one they’re looking for? They quickly head toward the door they think the tile will fit and discover that it is the right tile.

They open the door and look into what looks like a void. They try a couple of spells but nothing penetrates the blackness. A wave of fear comes at them but they shrug it off. More spells come at them. They finally penetrate the darkness and see two creatures they’ve not seen before, fear guards. Once the party kills the fear guards they climb the triangular ziggurat in the triangular room. At the top they find a pedestal with a small brass circle resting within it. Could this be the final item they need to activate the posts on the second level?

Stone Corridor

Just as they leave the room Rukii collapses. When she comes to she tells them she had a vision of a secret door. To get to it that they have to go west to get to the temple then look for it before they go southeast. They look at the map they made of the area to determine which way to go then head toward the temple. Just before they head down a corridor heading southeast they start looking for the secret door and find it. Gorthol is hesitant to go that way since they’ve found the circle and should be going back to the room with the pillars. But since Rukii had a vision from her deity he reluctantly agrees they should follow where the door takes them. One of the keys they found opens the secret door.

When they open the door they are met with another void of blackness. Gorthol goes charging in while Sue casts a fireball. The flash from the fireball gives them a moment of light where they see another fear guard attacking Gorthol. Knowing what they’re up against they quickly dispatch the fear guard and the darkness goes away. Once they can see the room they see a gate blocking their way. They try another key and it opens the lock. They head down the corridor . . .

Trusting in Rukii’s deity they continue down the long corridor and eventually camp for the night. The next day they continue on until it finally opens into a room full of doors; five of them. They decide to start with the north door. Once they get it open they discover a wall. Upon closer inspection they find a small brass plate that has a diagram on it. While Gorthol and Sue are looking at the diagram Rukii finds a secret door to the left of the door.

They open the door and discover a twenty foot wide corridor with checkerboard tiles on the floor. They decide that the corridor must have something to do with the diagram they found in the door next to this corridor. Sue decides to try the pattern by walking on the appropriate tile. He manages to get to the end of the corridor without anything happening to him so the rest of the party follows him.

Sword of kell

At the end of the corridor is a door with stone statues carved into the wall on either side of the door. They open the door and find a huge room with a high ceiling. A red carpet runs the length of the room and ends at a platform. Written across the platform in Ancient Common are the following words, "Speak ye the prayer and slay he who will not die.” On either side of the red carpet are several statues of warriors holding either a long bow or a halberd. As they approach the platform and read the words they decide they must speak the Warrior’s Prayer before lifting up the Sword of Kell. They do so and take the sword without any difficulty. They quickly leave the room and follow the pattern that got them through the corridor on the checkerboard floor to exit.

Before they exit the room with all of the doors Sue and Gorthol decide to open one more door to see what happens. They open the middle door on the west wall and find a room with yet more doors. This time Sue casts mage hand and has the hand take the keys and try a lock. When the hand attempts to open the door walls come sliding out cutting the room into four smaller rooms, but the party only sees one of the smaller rooms as well as a dire tiger. The dire tiger leaps at the party just as Rukii casts a blade barrio in front of the door. The dire tiger does not like that and pulls back. Sue casts a lightning bolt at it and the dire tiger, not being stupid, goes to the side of the door and waits for the blade barrier to end. In the meantime Sue casts fireballs to soften the dire tiger. The dire tiger roars in anger but refuses to go through the blade barrier. Once the blade barrier is gone the party enters the room only to find the cat is gone. With the fun gone the party decides to head back down the long corridor and deal with the brass circle they found.



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