The Lost City of Barakus

Mummy Lord . . . part 2

Mummy Lord

After dealing with a mummy lord the party rests before moving on. When they tried the door to the next room they are stopped by an electrical charge. With no rogue in the party they don’t have anyone who has the skill to bypass the trap. Sue decides to cast Mage Hand and have it place one of the Portable Holes of Home on the other side of the door; they place the other hole on their side of the door. With both holes in place they were able to crawl from one hole to the other hole on the other side of the door; thus, avoiding the electrical trap. When they crawl out of the hole they find a sarcophagus.

The party discuss what to do and decide to arrange themselves around the sarcophagus to make sure no undead creature pops out when Gorthol lifts the lid off of the sarcophagus. Sue stands watch at the eastern hallway to make sure nothing surprises them. Gorthol removes the lid and they find a mummy with a gold death mask. At the same time a mummy lord comes out of a secret door in the north wall and attacks the party. Due to experience with the first mummy lord the party makes quick work of the second mummy lord.

After removing everything from the mummy lord the party decides to go down the eastern hallway. The hallway opens to a bridge over a huge chasm. Gorthol and Mitsi decide to run across to see if anything attacks. They discover that the surface is rounded enough to make it difficult to safely run across the bridge. Gorthol falls off the bridge but Sue is ready with a wand of levitation. While levitating Gorthol finds webbing under the bridge. The party makes quick work out of the large monstrous spider hiding under the bridge.

After the battle the party safely walks across the bridge and enters a room full of pillars.



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