The Lost City of Barakus

Maze & Teleporting


After crossing the treacherous bridge the party enters a large room full of pillars. The room has three walls with no wall on the side of the chasm. Gorthol takes one side of the room and Mitsi takes the other and they go through the room to see if there are any surprises. Finding none they go down the corridor off of the room of pillars. Mitsi goes to the right while Gorthol goes to the left. Mitsi finds a gruesome site of dead bodies covered in flies and maggots while Gorthol encounters a minotaur. He makes quick work at sending the minotaur to its maker before joining the party in the room full of bodies. They search the bodies and the room and find some treasure.

The party continues on in the maze and find a corner opened to a small cavern with a pool of water and another minotaur. The Rukii and Sue step back and let the others deal with the minotaur. After that is over Mitsi checks out the pool where they find a goblin body and something glinting. Mitsi goes in to pool the body out and finds a nice ring on the goblin’s finger that is later identified as a Ring of Spell Storing. The party also searches the cavern and finds a Tome of Skills.


The party continues through the maze and find a room full of cockatrices. Knowing what a cockatrice can do Gorthol is worried for the party. Their luck holds well for them for none are turned into statues, unlike the poor orc who’s statue they encountered before entering the room.

Instead of going through the next door the party decides to backtrack to another corridor yet to be cleared. They enter a room that has an iron door barring their way. Inscribed above the door are the words Vershaw, Kazip and Florn. Sue says the words but nothing happens. When they enter the next room Sue utters the word Vershaw and disappears…or is it the party that disappears?

The party begins to shout for Sue while going down one of the corridors. Sue, in the meantime, decides to go down a corridor from where he’s at. Once again their luck holds out as the party and Sue meet up in the middle. They return to the room Sue disappeared from and Sue utters the word Kazip and finds himself in the room with the iron door. He returns to the party and utters the final word, Florn. This time their luck has run out because the party and Sue can’t find each other. Gorthol suggests that they all say the word and go wherever Sue went. They discover that they can only do it one at a time so the clerics go before Gorthol.

Stone of Madness

In the meantime, Sue is checking out where he landed. He finds all kinds of crude drawings that look similar to the Stone of Madness that the party encountered awhile back. He explores some more and finds a cavern to the north and a halfling monk to the south who offers no help. To the east he finds some rooms that seem familiar. In the meantime, one by one, the party appears in the same room that Sue teleported to.

Exhausted from their exploits the party decides to try and find someplace sleep. They try the monk but their discussion with him leads them to the conclusion that maybe they should leave him be. They go to the room that seemed familiar to Sue and quickly realize that they are where the Stone of Madness is that caused some of the party to go mad earlier. They quickly choose to follow their map to the fourth level where there was a drow bedroom they used before, after clearing out the drow of course. They safely make it to the room and bunk down for the a few hours.



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