The Lost City of Barakus

Going No Where


The party passes the night in the room formerly used by a drow priestess that they sent to her maker sometime ago. Refreshed, they head down the corridor to the cavern that will lead them to the level above when they encounter a beholder. The beholder uses its antimagic ray that prevents Gorthol from using his magically enhanced weapon and armor. Albrish quickly tells them about a beholder and the party fears this could be their last battle. Rukii summons some celestial badgers to aid the party in the fight. Luck must be on their side because the beholder kept the antimagic ray going, preventing some of the eye stalks from using their magical rays, but it didn’t stop the eye stalks in the back or sides from working. Eventually, the beholder realizes its folly in using the antimagic ray and closes its central eye, but not soon enough to kill off those attacking it. The party soon over powers and kills the beholder. Sue takes a few eye stalks to see if they can be used in magical potions and spells later on.

Drow War Party

After dispatching the beholder and searching the cavern for the beholder’s stash of treasure the party continues on their way when they suddenly hear two loud booms, much like the sound of an exploding fireball. They quicken their pace toward the sound. The come across a battle between a party on surface humanoids and a party of drow. They quickly decide to come to the defense of the surface humanoids and attack the drow. The odds quickly change from the drow to the two parties joining forces. The drow fighters and thief are eventually defeated while the mage teleports away and the cleric melds into the stone of the cavern. The parties discuss if they should try to get the cleric out of the stone but decide against it. Both parties are low on spells and discuss what to do next. The spell casters want to find some place to stay for the day while Gorthol wants to move on. Gorthol reluctantly agrees to return to the room they had only just left to allow the spell casters to rest. He figures it won’t be so bad if he can make jokes in dwarven about the other party’s sorcerer’s name, M’lai, with the Balrik, the dwarven fighter from the other party. Sue, on the other hand, becomes smitten with M’lai and shows her to the room both parties will be spending the day in.

The parties vaguely discuss their purposes in the caverns. The NPC party tells the PC party that they heard of a horrible evil that needs to be vanquished; they suspect its a dragon or a lich. The PC party are vague and say they were looking for treasure but they’re on their way to the surface levels. When the NPC party asks the PC party how long they have been in the caverns they have to scratch their heads for a moment. Has it only been a couple of months because it surely feels like six to eight months at the least.



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