The Lost City of Barakus

Moving On

Green Slaad

The two parties pass the night uneventfully; Gorthol and Balrik spent it making jokes while Sue and M’lai got to know each other. In the morning Sue suggests the two parties join together but the other party declines because they are heading downward while Sue’s party is heading upward. Gorthol agrees that the parties should not join together. The new party tells Sue’s party the Warrior’s Prayer that they were looking for. This changes Sue and his party’s plan. They remember a room that told a tale of a great wizard among other things. They decide to head that way.

They wind their way up to the second level where they had recently been. The pass through the room that had been full of spiders and webs and head down the hallway. In the next room they encounter two gray slaads. The slaads quickly summon a green slaad each that quickly attacks the party. One of the green slaads cast Fear at Sue and Gorthol. Sue manages to shake off the effect but Gorthol wasn’t so lucky and flees the scene. Without Gorthol the fate of the party looks grim, but with eventually the tables turn and the slaad are vanquished. Soon after the end of the battle Gorthol returns. The party search the bodies and find treasure to make the battle worth while.



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