The Lost City of Barakus

Is there really a vampire?


Gorthol had been carrying manacles around for awhile and was pleased to finally be able to use them. He puts them on the unconscious, mad priest and Mitsi so Mitsi can keep an eye on the priest then Remove Disease is used on the priest. The spell works and the priest comes out of his madness. They learn that his name is Kabbal and he asks if they would show him the way out so he could atone for his sins he committed while he was mad. They agree if he helps them with the vampire.

The party goes to the store room and finds a +1 Rapier, a spell book and a gold earring worth a few gold pieces. Rukii finds a secret door that leads to a trap that had been sprung by the last visitor, still hanging by the spikes. The victim had a nice suite of leather armor on and some nice items in the belt pouch, most notably was a flat, black tile that had a faint magical aura to it.

Behind the skeletal remains is a statue of an eight armed woman. One of the clerics recognized her as the ancient goddess, Kringa, the goddess of temptation. She was often worshiped by women looking for suitors. In each hand is a pearl but they learn the pearls are trapped. They carefully remove the pearls then leave the room.

Gold Chalice

In another room they find a large pool of water and a mirror on three walls. Upon casting Detect Magic the pool and mirror glows with magic. Mitsi gets in the pool and dances around but nothing happens. Rukii finds a secret compartment with a gold chalice. Sue takes the chalice, dips it into the pool, drinks the water then looks into a mirror. He does it three times, one for each mirror. He gets weaker, less dexterous and less intelligent. He also sees himself as an old man, crippled and bent; on his deathbed and as he is now but acutely aware of all his flaws. After he looks at all three mirrors his lost strength, dexterity, and intelligence returns and he feels less afraid for awhile. The others decide not to drink from the pool and look into the mirrors.

In the next room they successfully fight a dire wolf.



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