The Lost City of Barakus

The Final Battle


Gorthol consults the maps that the party made to figure out how to get back to second level where they need to activate the sword. Once he has a path figured out the party travels several days, winding their way through the different levels to reach the desired room. Once there they decide to put the circle in the column to see what happens. When nothing happens they put the sword in the depression in the floor that looks like it fits the greatsword. As soon as the sword is put into the depression the room lights up with rays of light coming from the columns with the geometric shapes aimed toward the greatsword. Just as quickly as it lights up the rays of lights go out. They pick up the greatsword and wrap it in the Cloth of Identification. They learn that not only is it a +1 greatsword but its +2 against undead and +4 against liches.

Doors. Lots and lots of Doors.


Albrish and Sue are the first through the door followed by the rest of the party. They see a corridor with two doors on either side before the corridor turns to the right. They decide to check further down the corridor before checking out the doors, but the four greater shadows coming through the doors don’t let them get that far before attacking them. The party makes quick work of the greater shadows then peek around the corner; more doors along the corridor. Once they know what’s around them they investigate the doors. All but one leads to small cells. The seventh door opens into a larger room where they find some keys and a chest. One of the keys opens the chest where they find a whip. They also find a secret bottom on the chest where there is another tile. Could it be the third one they’re looking for? They quickly head toward the door they think the tile will fit and discover that it is the right tile.

There really is a vampire, but where'd he go?


After killing the dire wolf, and before the party has a chance to catch their breath, another dire wolf and a half-orc comes in from the hallway. The half-orc accuses them of killing his pet and both the half-orc and dire wolf attack the party. The dire wolf attacks and trips Albrish, but Albrish doesn’t take the time to stand up; instead he casts his spells from the ground. The dire wolf is quickly killed by the party then the party turns on the half-orc. The half-orc takes a lot of damage before turning into a cloud of smoke. Sue quickly attempts to stop the half-orc by casting a fireball in the vicinity of the cloud of smoke. Sue figures that if it doesn’t kill the half-orc maybe it’ll slow him down.

Is there really a vampire?


Gorthol had been carrying manacles around for awhile and was pleased to finally be able to use them. He puts them on the unconscious, mad priest and Mitsi so Mitsi can keep an eye on the priest then Remove Disease is used on the priest. The spell works and the priest comes out of his madness. They learn that his name is Kabbal and he asks if they would show him the way out so he could atone for his sins he committed while he was mad. They agree if he helps them with the vampire.

Gates, wolf and rust monster oh my

Open Gates

Sue is brought back to life and the party decides to spend the night in the room. In the morning they continue onward, or downward, as they descend an unexplored, winding stairs. Finally, an unexplored area of the dungeon. The winding stairs terminates in a wide smooth stone landing that faces a set of open iron gates. They find cryptic runes caved on the wall above the gates and the floor before the gates. All they are able to determine is that the runes are both warding and necromantic.


Purple Worm

The slaad weakened the party enough that they decide to spend the night to heal and regain spells. In the morning, as they’re breaking camp, the party hears rumbling like something moving through rubble. They carefully head down the corridor, peaking around corners before proceeding down the next corridor. When they reach the large corridor they see a purple worm heading toward them. While the rest of the party attacks the worm Sue casts Blade Barrier in front of the worm. Hungry ans unable to get to the party the worm dives into the stone floor and comes up on the other side of the Blade Barrier. As the party attacks the purple worm Gorthol finds himself inside the maw of the worm.

Moving On

Green Slaad

The two parties pass the night uneventfully; Gorthol and Balrik spent it making jokes while Sue and M’lai got to know each other. In the morning Sue suggests the two parties join together but the other party declines because they are heading downward while Sue’s party is heading upward. Gorthol agrees that the parties should not join together. The new party tells Sue’s party the Warrior’s Prayer that they were looking for. This changes Sue and his party’s plan. They remember a room that told a tale of a great wizard among other things. They decide to head that way.

Going No Where


The party passes the night in the room formerly used by a drow priestess that they sent to her maker sometime ago. Refreshed, they head down the corridor to the cavern that will lead them to the level above when they encounter a beholder. The beholder uses its antimagic ray that prevents Gorthol from using his magically enhanced weapon and armor. Albrish quickly tells them about a beholder and the party fears this could be their last battle. Rukii summons some celestial badgers to aid the party in the fight. Luck must be on their side because the beholder kept the antimagic ray going, preventing some of the eye stalks from using their magical rays, but it didn’t stop the eye stalks in the back or sides from working.

Maze & Teleporting


After crossing the treacherous bridge the party enters a large room full of pillars. The room has three walls with no wall on the side of the chasm. Gorthol takes one side of the room and Mitsi takes the other and they go through the room to see if there are any surprises. Finding none they go down the corridor off of the room of pillars. Mitsi goes to the right while Gorthol goes to the left. Mitsi finds a gruesome site of dead bodies covered in flies and maggots while Gorthol encounters a minotaur. He makes quick work at sending the minotaur to its maker before joining the party in the room full of bodies. They search the bodies and the room and find some treasure.

Mummy Lord . . . part 2

Mummy Lord

After dealing with a mummy lord the party rests before moving on. When they tried the door to the next room they are stopped by an electrical charge. With no rogue in the party they don’t have anyone who has the skill to bypass the trap. Sue decides to cast Mage Hand and have it place one of the Portable Holes of Home on the other side of the door; they place the other hole on their side of the door. With both holes in place they were able to crawl from one hole to the other hole on the other side of the door; thus, avoiding the electrical trap. When they crawl out of the hole they find a sarcophagus.


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