The Lost City of Barakus

Going No Where


The party passes the night in the room formerly used by a drow priestess that they sent to her maker sometime ago. Refreshed, they head down the corridor to the cavern that will lead them to the level above when they encounter a beholder. The beholder uses its antimagic ray that prevents Gorthol from using his magically enhanced weapon and armor. Albrish quickly tells them about a beholder and the party fears this could be their last battle. Rukii summons some celestial badgers to aid the party in the fight. Luck must be on their side because the beholder kept the antimagic ray going, preventing some of the eye stalks from using their magical rays, but it didn’t stop the eye stalks in the back or sides from working.

Maze & Teleporting


After crossing the treacherous bridge the party enters a large room full of pillars. The room has three walls with no wall on the side of the chasm. Gorthol takes one side of the room and Mitsi takes the other and they go through the room to see if there are any surprises. Finding none they go down the corridor off of the room of pillars. Mitsi goes to the right while Gorthol goes to the left. Mitsi finds a gruesome site of dead bodies covered in flies and maggots while Gorthol encounters a minotaur. He makes quick work at sending the minotaur to its maker before joining the party in the room full of bodies. They search the bodies and the room and find some treasure.

Mummy Lord . . . part 2

Mummy Lord

After dealing with a mummy lord the party rests before moving on. When they tried the door to the next room they are stopped by an electrical charge. With no rogue in the party they don’t have anyone who has the skill to bypass the trap. Sue decides to cast Mage Hand and have it place one of the Portable Holes of Home on the other side of the door; they place the other hole on their side of the door. With both holes in place they were able to crawl from one hole to the other hole on the other side of the door; thus, avoiding the electrical trap. When they crawl out of the hole they find a sarcophagus.


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