Cryptic Information

Only someone wearing the “Heart of Grom” can pass and retrieve the “Arm of Grom.”

Helm of Power (4-20)
Devron is imprisoned just beyond the “Stone of Madness.”
The sword is stored on its own level.
If Devron wears the helm his full power is returned.
The sword is needed to defeat Devron.
The helm protects the wearer from Devron’s magic.

(12/11/10) (2-23)
“Take that which is not there.
Follow the warm way.
Say thee the prayer.
And the sword is yours.”

Devron: 1) does not die; 2) is imprisoned deep beneath Barakus; 3) the key is beneath 3 islands

(1/22/11) (2-51)
“Pass now if thou art a guardian strong.
Pass now if thou art a keeper of the sword.
Pass now if thou art a warrior fearless.
For he who waits fears nothing and knows only death.
Pass now if thou speakest the word that all men wish to know.”

Cryptic Information

The Lost City of Barakus Ruhar