Welcome to your campaign!

Once you’re signed in I’ll handover your character so you can add information to him or her; in the meantime, look around. You can add and edit contents so have fun. Remember, I have the final say so if you put that you have the Axe of Cuthbert it’ll be deleted. BRAW-HA-HA

I have found a “bug” in the way plus signs appear, or not appear, on the pages. If you have a plus sign and it doesn’t show but the text is underlined you need to put a double equal sign before and after the plus sign. It’s stupid and I’ve added my voice to the list of complainers on the forum. Maybe they’ll fix it, but for now the double equal sign will fix the problem.

Once you have control of your character please fill in the information on the template that I made. All you have to do is replace the question marks with the appropriate information. If you have any questions feel free to contact me via e-mail or just call.

the Mean DM
aka Ruhar


The Lost City of Barakus Ruhar