The Lost City of Barakus

In the beginning…

The original party consisted of four, each representing a class: cleric, fighter, mage, and rogue. They came from different parts of the land looking for fame and fortune through the Challenge of Champions. The committee of the challenge grouped them together thus forming the party.

Rumors and Speculations

After the challenge the newly formed and winning party hear about The Lost City of Barakus. Intrigued they head for the mountains where the entrance to the lost city is rumored to be. Along the way they encounter a few adventures that strengthens their ability to deal with the challenges the lost city might contain.

The Lost City

At last, they find the entrance to the cave that should lead the party to the lost city. Time passes as each encounter strengthens them. At times they loose a party member only to gain a new one later. Time passes as they delve deeper into the underground. How many days has it been since they have seen the sun and moon? Weeks? Months? Who can say. Their bags bulge with treasures they have found; but, there seems to be no end to the caverns and rooms that need to be explored.

A Sign

At long last they find a sign, writing on a wall that tells them what’s at the end, “he who waits fears nothing and knows only death”. This is followed by a cryptic dream of where they should start. The party starts to backtrack and that is where we meet them.

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The Lost City of Barakus

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