The Lost City of Barakus

There really is a vampire, but where'd he go?


After killing the dire wolf, and before the party has a chance to catch their breath, another dire wolf and a half-orc comes in from the hallway. The half-orc accuses them of killing his pet and both the half-orc and dire wolf attack the party. The dire wolf attacks and trips Albrish, but Albrish doesn’t take the time to stand up; instead he casts his spells from the ground. The dire wolf is quickly killed by the party then the party turns on the half-orc. The half-orc takes a lot of damage before turning into a cloud of smoke. Sue quickly attempts to stop the half-orc by casting a fireball in the vicinity of the cloud of smoke. Sue figures that if it doesn’t kill the half-orc maybe it’ll slow him down.

The party learns from Kabbal, the cleric they saved from the madness induced on another level, that the half-orc was Klar, the vampire. Sue takes after the cloud of smoke to try and track it to its coffin. The party follows him as he goes from one room to the next. They end in a room that contains three dead gnolls and lots of buzzing flies. The room is full of sacks of dirt. Gorthol moves a sack and notices a crack in the floor. They move more sacks and find a trap door in the floor. They open the trap door and find a body lying in a corner of an antechamber that is about six feet below ground.

Honey Badger

Gorthol and Sue cautiously enter the antechamber with stakes in hand. They drive the stake through the body then remove all weapons and armor from the body. Upon closer inspection of the body they discover that though it looks similar to Klar the body isn’t the vampire. While Sue turns into a honey badger and digs through the room for more bodies Gorthol wraps the armor in the Cloth of Identification. Sue/the honey badger doesn’t find any more bodies so they leave the antechamber.


The party backtracks to the first room they rushed through and search it. Rukii eventually finds a secret door. They found multiple javelins earlier so they break them up into stakes and cautiously enter the secret room. As expected, they find a coffin and Klar within it. The party members take their stakes and pound them into Klar’s body. The half-orc writhes and spits at them but in his weaken state he’s unable to do anything else. Once he’s dead the party dismembers him and plan to scatter his body parts in case he’s able to come back. They do notice that Klar looks similar to the half-orc body they staked earlier.

Once Klar is dead the party asks Kabbal if he wants to join them. He feels that he needs to atone for his actions while he was crazy. The party shows him the maps hey created and how to leave.

The party loot the treasure chest by the coffin and find a secret bottom that holds a tile similar to one they found earlier. They decide to spend the night in the secret room. Sue’s opts to turn into a honey badger and sleep in the main room since his spell is still active. He goes to sleep as a honey badger and wakes as a human.

The next day they head down the corridor that leads from Klar’s main chamber. They find a solid iron door with a handle on the right and a small square depression in the center. The door is locked and no means of unlocking it works. They notice the square depression could fit the newly found tile; it fits perfectly in the depression but the door still won’t open. Based on their mapping they think that two more corridor leads to the same area as this corridor so they go to inspect them. They find the same type of door with square depressions that are a little different in size from the first one. They find the door that fits the first tile they found and insert the tile, but the door still won’t budge. They need one more tile. They decide to check the area by the garbage pit to see if the missing tile might be there.


The pit has a five foot ledge that goes around it. Sure that something resides within the garbage pit Sue turns into a fruit bat and takes a rope to the door on the other end of the ledge. He hugs the wall so whatever might live in the pit doesn’t detect him. A huge tentacle reaches out to attack Sue the fruit bat but misses him. Gorthol jumps into the pit and battles the otyugh while Sue takes the rope to the door. Soon a tentacle that had just reached out again falls downward and lands with a thud on top of the garbage pile and doesn’t move. Gorthol was successful in killing the otyugh.

Once the rope is secured the party carefully moves across the ledge toward the door. Albrish makes quick work of the locking mechanism on the door and opens it.



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