The Lost City of Barakus

The Final Battle


Gorthol consults the maps that the party made to figure out how to get back to second level where they need to activate the sword. Once he has a path figured out the party travels several days, winding their way through the different levels to reach the desired room. Once there they decide to put the circle in the column to see what happens. When nothing happens they put the sword in the depression in the floor that looks like it fits the greatsword. As soon as the sword is put into the depression the room lights up with rays of light coming from the columns with the geometric shapes aimed toward the greatsword. Just as quickly as it lights up the rays of lights go out. They pick up the greatsword and wrap it in the Cloth of Identification. They learn that not only is it a +1 greatsword but its +2 against undead and +4 against liches.

According to what they learned earlier, that Devron resides beyond the “Stone of Madness”, the party agrees that they need to go to the fourth level where the stone of madness is. Once again Gorthol consults the maps and plots their course. A few days later they arrive on the fourth level. Gorthol recognizes the sign of the beginning madness within himself that the area inflicts on unsuspecting victims who enter the area. They quickly discuss what action they want to take before the madness gets worse or anyone else is afflicted.

Stone of Madness

Albrish casts divination and asks which of the five rooms in the room with the Stone of Madness they should go through to get to Devron. His response is to go toward the morning sun. Sue takes one of the Portable Holes of Home and heads toward the room with the Stone of Madness. The solid, metal door has no handle nor hinges but there’s a single square depression in the middle of the door. He inserts a metal cube the party found earlier and the door opens. Beyond the door are a set of stairs winding downward. He places the Portable Holes of Home on the wall and goes through to the other where the party is waiting. He tells them what he’s found and they quickly go through.

They slowly wind their way down the stairs until the stairs terminates in a wide, natural stone passage. At the end of the passage is an ornately carved stone arch. Within the arch shimmers an opaque curtain of scintillating lights—reds, blues, and greens—oscillating hypnotically. Above the arch, in Ancient Common, reads the following: Pass ye only of purest intent. Darkness for those within and without awaits transgressors. The party fears what might happen if they go through the portal but Gorthol decides to go through wearing the Helm of Power and carrying the greatsword. The party sees him go through and a few seconds later he’s bounced out.


Gorthol informs the party that he heard in his head a voice asking him questions. The first question was, “Have you the sword?” He answered yes. The second question was, “How many torches have you lit?” When he answered none he found himself bounced out. He lights a torch and tries again, this time he answers that he lit one torch. Again, he’s bounced out. This time he gets the feeling that he may only have one more chance to go through. Sue makes two attempts and is also bounced out on the second question. Albrish and Rukii both try once and answer the question incorrectly. The party decides to spend the night so the clerics can choose some divination spells to try and figure out the answer.

The next morning Albrish casts divination. The answer to his question is, “Thou art too literal. Triangles. Circles. Rectangles.” After discussing it they decide that the “torches” were actually the towers with the geometric shapes that activated the greatsword. Rukii agrees to go through and answer the question with the answer “three”. She goes through and doesn’t come back. She hears a third question, “Whom are you seeking?” She answers, Devron, and finds herself in a large cavern. She looks around while waiting for the rest of the party. Opposite of the arch is high cliff that drops off about fifty feet. She also finds a secret door.


One by one, the rest of the party comes through the arch. They check out the door and try to open it only to set off a trap, ice storm. Once they get the door open they go down they smell a foul order that Sue identifies as a stinking cloud. Rukii has a magical fan that disperses the cloud. As they continue down the corridor they hear a raspy voice tell them that he under estimated them but he won’t anymore then a fireball goes off. The party survives the massive fireball and Gorthol goes charging toward the lich. The battle is brief but intense. In the end Devron and Gorthol are dead. Rukii brings back Gorthol from the dead while the rest of the party looks for Devron’s phylactery. They decide that it’s one of two items. A brass heart they found when they first started the adventure and a plain metal wristband Devron was wearing. They destroy the heart then they destroy the plain metal wristband. When they destroyed the wristband they hear a horrible shriek. They gather Devron’s treasure and head out.

On the way out of the arch the first one through hears a question, “Is he dead?” When answered yes the portal shuts down and the rest of the party goes through. On their way out they destroy the Stone of Madness then head to the surface, something that they haven’t seen in a long time.

Thus ends the adventure.



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