The Lost City of Barakus

Gates, wolf and rust monster oh my

Open Gates

Sue is brought back to life and the party decides to spend the night in the room. In the morning they continue onward, or downward, as they descend an unexplored, winding stairs. Finally, an unexplored area of the dungeon. The winding stairs terminates in a wide smooth stone landing that faces a set of open iron gates. They find cryptic runes caved on the wall above the gates and the floor before the gates. All they are able to determine is that the runes are both warding and necromantic.

Sue and Gorthol decide to enter the room beyond the gates, sure they’ll set off a trap. When nothing happens they look around and find six alcoves, three on either side, with a pedestal and an unlit candle sitting on the pedestal in each alcove. Sue tries to remove one of the candles to wrap in the Cloth of Identification only to discover the candle cannot be removed. They notice that the candles are not all the same height. They decide to light one candle, the shortest one, to see if a trap will be set off. Nothing happens. They then decide to light all of the candles from the shortest to the tallest. While Sue does this he begins to feel uneasy, but once all of the candles are lit he feels better. Nothing happens so the rest of the party enters the room and begin to search it. Sue notices the candles are not melting like normal candles would.


Rukii finds a secret door. They open it and head down the corridor that it opens up to. They come to a fork and decide to go right. While checking out the room they encounter they are attacked by a wolf with glowing red eyes. The wolf quickly flees the battle and the party decides not to pursue it but to continue their exploration. As they enter another room they notice garlic strung on the door they go through. When they enter the next room they encounter an ogre and three half-orcs who flee from them. When the creatures realize that the party aren’t who they thought they were they request to be let go. Against Gorthol’s better judgement the party talks to the creatures and learn that there supposedly is a vampire that terrorizes the creatures. The party is skeptical but agree to let them go. The creatures ask for an escort but they party refuses, they are given the option to leave or die. They choose to leave.

Shortly after the creatures leave the party hears screams and snarling sounds. The party rushes out of the room to investigate. They stop in the corridor from the candle room’s secret door and find the floor stained with blood but no bodies. They also find another secret door that leads to the lair of the wolf. During the battle with the wolf Albrish is bitten. Rukii is high enough level that she can cast Remove Disease on Albrish just to be safe in case the wolf is a werewolf.

Rust Monster

After dispatching the wolf the party returns to where the creatures were hiding and explore the rooms before moving on. After they finish they head back down the corridor. It ends in a large room that stinks. The room is actually a pit full of trash with a five foot, moisture slick ledge along the edge. The party decides not to cross the slick ledge and risk falling into the pit where they are sure a creature lurks. Instead, they go down another corridor that leads to a door. Gorthol opens it and finds another creature inside heading towards him. He starts to head toward the creature to attack it when Albrish stops him. It’s a rust monster hungry for the metal on the party. Gorthol quickly shuts the door. That’s one monster the party doesn’t want to deal with.

The party heads down another corridor that eventually opens into a temple. They are greeted by human man brandishing his holy symbol before stopping, blinks then admonishes them for being late. He hurries them along to prepare for the attack on the vampire. When they question him he accuses them of being in league with the vampire. They think he’s either crazy or gone mad from the stone on another level and quickly knock him out.



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